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I have not installed the new Ubuntu version for many reasons. Firstly, the current version is a LTS version 8.04.1 and secondly I don’t have the bandwith to download it. 🙁

I have heard some mixed views about this much awaited release (which surprisingly made its release date.) Some of the GUI/GNOME has improved and some of the user interaction has gotten simpler, but others have just plain broken.

As for this release our local mirrors have been inundated over 4000 concurrent sessions. It just shows that the local community is ever growing. (I never knew it was this strong, and this does not include the majority of users which do not have a net connection and which would otherwise be capable of downloading an ISO).

I must say I like the idea of having a 6 month release cycle. The idea is great: always new and ever changing OSs. (Things to re-configure and change/fiddle with.) However I do feel that Ubuntu tries very hard to meet this deadline even when they really should not. They often release stuff prematurely and this worries me a little. This would be one reason why I do not use Ubuntu as a production server platform.

Tomorrow is the release party so I am hoping to get hold of a CD or two — then I might be able to install it…. Might even think about installing Kubuntu, but that is a big IF and maybe.

edit: Thanks to cocooncrash for the English advice

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Friday, October 31st, 2008 Ubuntu

5 Comments to intrepid pre install

  1. I could send you some discs with it ? I wouldn’t mind at all pal 🙂

  2. LeAstrale on November 1st, 2008
  3. Shot but hopefully I will be able to get some tomorrow from the release “party” thing hehe.

  4. drubin on November 1st, 2008
  5. I’d be happy to mail you a CD too.

    Also I think you’d find that a lot of servers would run the LTS versions of Ubuntu 🙂 Not a normal release such as 8.10

  6. Joeb454 on November 1st, 2008
  7. Thanks 🙂

    Funny how in South Africa it is cheaper to buy linux then to download it.

    I should hope they are running the LTS do you know what a mission it is to upgrade production servers…(But I was talking about running ubuntu on servers full stop)

  8. drubin on November 1st, 2008
  9. Yeah I know what you mean – both my servers run Ubuntu 8.04.1 🙂

  10. Joeb454 on November 1st, 2008