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Ubuntu-za-jhb Had a Cake

One of the members of the ubuntu-za inetpro asked his wife and daughter to bake a cake for the release party. I wasn’t at the release party but heard the turn out was far great then last year. So well done.


How awesome!

Since being included on the Ubuntu weekly news letter. I thought it was only fair to link directly to inetpro who’s Wife and Daughter made the cake.

bloemfontein also had a belated release party which nuvolari was so kinds as to organize. They also had a Ubuntu Cake!! Check out his site for pics.

This really was a battle of the cakes. Place your votes now. 🙂

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ZA’s nokia store joins others in failing

Further more on Nokia’s music store fail I recently found out that The South African branch or what ever they call them launched a localized version of the music store.

Nokia has a large(55.07%) share of the mobile’s with in South Africa in fact they have the largest, Yes I know this is only from people downloading applications but most of these users will be tech savvy enough to be able to use a mobile music store.

Back to the problem at hand. With this huge potential market Nokia’s za version of the store is even worse then worldwide and uk at least even with their bugs they allow any browser(mobile/web) to view their site and is mostly usable.

Firstly viewing the site from firefox. “Unsupported Device”

Nokia Music Store does not currently support your device. Further information about Nokia Music Store and compatible devices can be found at the Nseries web site.
You can access the Nokia Music Store from a PC using Internet Explorer

So that is what I did using Useragnet Switcher set to N85 one of the required Nseries I get redirected to an error page

An error has occurred – we apologise for the inconvenience.
If you are using a mobile device please try reloading the Nokia Music Store
If you are using a PC with Internet Explorer click here to try the main Nokia Music site
If the problem persists, then click here and tell us which page you were trying to view

Nokia are you trying to get users to use your product? The Uk version is complaining about slow sales? Maybe their product just doesn’t work good enough.

Their profits seems to be falling quite drastically is laying off staff an attempt to fix this?

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Android Is Expanding

Weechat Urlgrab Script

I have been using the devel version of weechat since the security issue was found.

I mentioned there was 2 scripts missing from the devel version that I used to use, weenotify, urlgrab.
weenotify was ported over by lavaramano

Urlgrab was another script that used extensively there wasn’t a port for it so I ported the original script.

My current Weechat Plugins
1) weeget – Weechat Script manager to install/update/remove scripts
2) iset – Provides added features for setting configuration vars.
3) urlgrab – Follows your buffers and detects urls (rather crudely currently) and adds them to memory allows opening of them in your favorite browser via /url N
4) notify – Uses Libnotify to alert users of private messages or highlights.
5) shell – Allows execution of shell commands from with in weechat.

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Android G1 Battery Calibration

I mentioned a few days ago I had a G1 phone in there I mentioned the battery life was shocking . nabil2199 mentioned a battery calibration link it really does work.

That article wasn’t the most clear in the world of what you need to do to calibrate your battery.
1) Let it discharge completely(Even when it says it is dead carry on discharging, mine ran on 0% power for a good few hours)
2) Charge it fully while it is off.
3) Let it discharge completely again.
4) Charge it fully.

It seems silly but it does work, My battery life has improved so much since doing this silly thing.

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