Weechat Urlgrab Script

I have been using the devel version of weechat since the security issue was found.

I mentioned there was 2 scripts missing from the devel version that I used to use, weenotify, urlgrab.
weenotify was ported over by lavaramano

Urlgrab was another script that used extensively there wasn’t a port for it so I ported the original script.

My current Weechat Plugins
1) weeget – Weechat Script manager to install/update/remove scripts
2) iset – Provides added features for setting configuration vars.
3) urlgrab – Follows your buffers and detects urls (rather crudely currently) and adds them to memory allows opening of them in your favorite browser via /url N
4) notify – Uses Libnotify to alert users of private messages or highlights.
5) shell – Allows execution of shell commands from with in weechat.

Sunday, April 26th, 2009 General