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HTC Creates A Hero

Htc announces their Hero specs on gsmarena.

From what I have seen this might be the most user appealing of all the Android HTC phones. It just seems more slick.

I read this from engadgetmobile. I had a good chuckle at their linked video

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Monday, June 29th, 2009 Mobile 3 Comments

Sun Unreleases WTK3.0

I have heard alot about how amazing J2me development on their new WTK3.0 is.

The reason I say “have heard” is I refuse to use/try it until they release the Linux based version. I mean the product wont even run on their own Solaris OS way to go on marketing your own products.

The windows version has been out for more ages. I have logged a bug request on their site, I didn’t get a reply not that I was actually expecting to get one.

Under the Requirements section “Windows” are you kidding me, The guys that have been pushing and that revolutionized cross platform development.

For now at least my beliefs hold strong and I wont touch their shiny new toy until they release a Linux version. </EndRant>

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Monday, June 29th, 2009 Mobile, Programing 1 Comment

Best Alarm Clock Ever

I got a G1 a while ago. I have found the Alarm to be pretty lacking in the sense you can’t change the default Snooze time out from 10mins to any thing else. This is way to long I will have fallen fast asleep by the time the next one goes off and the first one wont have done any thing.

Luckily Android is open-source and some one modified the pre-installed alarm to create Alarming!.

This new-and-improved alarm functionality allows for a “Captcha on Dismiss” this sounds kinda scary but really it is amazing! Often I will press the dismiss button instead of snooze and over sleep this makes it much harder by having to press random buttons on the screen to deactivate the alarm. See the image one their home page.

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Monday, June 22nd, 2009 General 2 Comments