Best Alarm Clock Ever

I got a G1 a while ago. I have found the Alarm to be pretty lacking in the sense you can’t change the default Snooze time out from 10mins to any thing else. This is way to long I will have fallen fast asleep by the time the next one goes off and the first one wont have done any thing.

Luckily Android is open-source and some one modified the pre-installed alarm to create Alarming!.

This new-and-improved alarm functionality allows for a “Captcha on Dismiss” this sounds kinda scary but really it is amazing! Often I will press the dismiss button instead of snooze and over sleep this makes it much harder by having to press random buttons on the screen to deactivate the alarm. See the image one their home page.

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Monday, June 22nd, 2009 General

2 Comments to Best Alarm Clock Ever

  1. Reminds me of my old alarm clock.. I had an Asterisk server that would call me up and ask me to add or subtract two three digit numbers. If I got it wrong, I must still be asleep, so it’d snooze for a few minutes and call me up again. Only once I answered correctly, it would stop calling me. I stopped using it once I had to pay for VoIP, but it was very efficient while it lasted.

  2. soren on June 22nd, 2009
  3. lmao… Talk about going overboard still very cool though. . I think I Captcha is the next best thing. I have found to be quite challenging in my half asleep state.

  4. drubin on June 22nd, 2009