Gmails Label Improvements Broke BetterGmail2

Today Gmail released their improved label support. This update provided some very nice features like drag and drop emails into labels. and changing the order of your labels.

This change did how ever break BetterGmail2 a Firefox add-on. The most noticeable change was the break in the “Sub Labels“. Some of my labels only fit on the screen because the first bit is removed and then indented. Ie I have Mailing List/Ubuntu-za which now only displays Mailing List/Ubu which is rather annoying. The reason for this naming convention is Gmails Imap support does this.

but if you try to add subfolders in your mail client, they’ll become labels that look like this: Folder/Subfolder.

I hope there will be a release patch for this soon.

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 General

2 Comments to Gmails Label Improvements Broke BetterGmail2

  1. Same annoyance here. It also only seems to show the top 8 labels. Hopefully the BetterGmail will push an update.

    The drag and drop is nice though…

  2. andrewsomething on July 2nd, 2009
  3. @andrewsomething: You can click on the “X more” link and add the rest of your labels to the list I do like that I can hide the rest though.

  4. drubin on July 2nd, 2009