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Blackberry Development on Linux

Dear Blackberry.

Would you please stop packaging your RIM development platform (That is written in java and runs perfectly well on Linux) in .exe format that does funky checks and api calls that fails to run in wine. Thanksbye.

On serious note I see many forum posts “Can I install this on Linux” to which all reply “No sorry you can’t” Ye you can install it on Linux but you can copy the installed files over to Linux go figure.

I would go into more details but seriously all you need is a windows box to install the files and copy them over 🙂

Also if you would like to install your applications using Linux. Take a look at barry-utils you will need at least 0.15 since bjavaloader was only included in this release. Debian has this version and there is a bug on launchpad requesting an update at least for lucid.

Monday, November 23rd, 2009 General 7 Comments

Loco Team Contact Change

As Efrain already pointed out I have officially taken over as South African Ubuntu loco team contact from Jonathan Carter(highvoltage) with the other being Morgan Collett.

Hopefully I will have some more great news about Ubuntu-za to blog about in the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan for all his hard work and effort he has put into this team and wish him all the best. The growth over the last year has been inspiring. I would also like to thank him for continuing to host our wiki.

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Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 Ubuntu 1 Comment