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Stellenbosch Ubuntu Hour Report Back

A few days ago I mentioned Ubuntu Hour.Well we put some details and a pic on our wiki. All in all I think it was good start, I got to start my morning off with a decent cup of coffee that I didn’t have to make my self. Even though it was small I think we showed off Ubuntu well with T-Shirts, Stickers and 2 tables with 3 laptops powered by Ubuntu.

I know the timing isn’t great for work people (9am – 10am) so maybe we can think about switching it around or have another one at a pub after work for some beers? One of the main reasons for this time is the idea of starting something like this is to try make it fit into your routine not change your routine to fit it since this makes it easier to keep up with it in the long run.

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Friday, February 5th, 2010 Ubuntu Comments Off on Stellenbosch Ubuntu Hour Report Back

Community Is More Then Just Numbers

Hopefully this gets me back into the whole blogging thing.

I have been meaning to write this for some time but oddly enough real world requires time and effort as well. We don’t often realise that Ubuntu success isn’t as much because it is a great distro but rather it is a great community.

Although this applies to most groups with in Ubuntu I would like to use this post to direct my thanks at Ubuntu-ZA. Over the last few weeks we have noticed an uptake in the number of users that pop into our irc channel #ubuntu-za or on the mailing list with issues we might have found simple or mundane but you guys have been there in full force to help out, educate, enlighten and enrich their lifes for the better.

One such case deserves special mention Kilos. He came into #ubuntu-za as a complete new user to Ubuntu. He was a Windows man before. He mentions on his blog one particular case where he was trying to mount a Floppy drive no one in #ubuntu-za had even used a floppy drive in years and yet for hours people offered help and guidance talking him through it.

I don’t want this to sound one sided on the contrary, Kilos has put far far more effort into learning then we as a team have given back. I just felt it was necessary to point this out for references. It truly amazes me how one can learn things if one puts the effort in.

Any how I am rambling I just feel it prudent to share his blog, to think that ubunu-za could have such an impact one some ones life amazes me.

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Stellenbosch Ubuntu Hour

Today I was presently surprised to see a mail from Maia. She had set up and gotten started on Ubuntu-za’s first Ubuntu Hour!! Can some one say Awesome?

Of course when first reading her email I thought what no internet lets move it to the University Library, clearly not the point of Ubuntu hour which I was pointed out to by Anthony Hook so thanks 🙂

Anthony I hope you don’t mind but I paraphrased same of your points and added them to the Wiki so that others don’t make the same mistake I did.

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