Ubuntu Books, The Unboxing

So today I was happy enough to be greeted with a nice shiny brown box . Filled with new books Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Desktop.

These books were a present to our Loco from Heather Fox and Debra Williams-Cauley see for more details.

Problem with this is that the idea behind these books is they were supposed to be shared among the Loco and every one was supposed to have a chance. Our loco Ubuntu-ZA is spread all around and way way across the county.  So sharing doesn’t seem like a realistic option. So I am looking for suggestions as to what we can do with these snazzy new books.

Before I requested them  Maia suggested we will decide when we get them so now it is time. Possible options are

  • Random raffle and give them out to the winner.
  • Make it a prize for a competition such as designing our new Ubuntu-ZA T-Shirts(or any thing else we can think of)
  • ….
  • Insert your ideas here?

Any how I am never very good at these type of things so for now I will keep them safe until we can decide what to do with them.

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 General

4 Comments to Ubuntu Books, The Unboxing

  1. More people would get more benefit from them if you donate to a public (or school) library. Pick the busiest one you can find. Your LoCo members can (and should) use their library cards to borrow them.

  2. Randall on September 16th, 2010
  3. The previous set of these books were given (via Jonathan and Morgan) to AIMS http://www.aims.ac.za to be in the library for student or loco member access. They stay the property of the loco to move if the loco so wishes. To be fair, the books have not seen a huge amount of traffic, and no loco members have shown up or contacted me. Still it is a Ubuntu-only institute, does lots of training in Ubuntu, and installs hundreds of laptops each year with a new Ubuntu system. Perhaps the AIMS library can go on the list as an option. The loco can decide the rules of members taking the books out. Of course there may be Linux-related institutes in other parts of the country that might benefit. Either way, I would certainly enjoy reading a new version of the Ubuntu server book.

  4. Jan Groenewald on September 16th, 2010
  5. I agree with Randall. Donate them to libraries. Loco members (and non-members like me) can always go to the library, just like a do for car repair manuals 🙂

  6. Mpho on October 12th, 2010
  7. give me a ubuntu books

  8. sharif on November 10th, 2010