Release Party Awesomeness

Yesterday we had the Ubuntu-za release party. It great we had +- 35 people attend. One of the greatest parts of the release was one guy come to do an upgrade and found that it was friendly and welcoming so went home to go pick up the rest of his family and brought them all along.

A special thanks to Maiatoday for making this possible!!

Some highlights

  • +-35 people
  • Ubuntu cake
  • Ubuntu badges
  • Local Repositories (if I was to estimate it saved +- 300gigs of downloads)
  • People did fresh installs, people upgraded
  • People had to have their upgrades tweaked (thanks Stefeno)
  • Great braai (Barbecue & and thanks Raoul)

Take a look at the pictures of the cakes and badges below after the event there was pretty much nothing left so all in all it was a pretty successful event.

Source files for the badges can be found on Spreadubuntu

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Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 Ubuntu Comments Off on Release Party Awesomeness

Ubuntu-za-jhb Had a Cake

One of the members of the ubuntu-za inetpro asked his wife and daughter to bake a cake for the release party. I wasn’t at the release party but heard the turn out was far great then last year. So well done.


How awesome!

Since being included on the Ubuntu weekly news letter. I thought it was only fair to link directly to inetpro who’s Wife and Daughter made the cake.

bloemfontein also had a belated release party which nuvolari was so kinds as to organize. They also had a Ubuntu Cake!! Check out his site for pics.

This really was a battle of the cakes. Place your votes now. 🙂

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