Android G1 Battery Calibration

I mentioned a few days ago I had a G1 phone in there I mentioned the battery life was shocking . nabil2199 mentioned a battery calibration link it really does work.

That article wasn’t the most clear in the world of what you need to do to calibrate your battery.
1) Let it discharge completely(Even when it says it is dead carry on discharging, mine ran on 0% power for a good few hours)
2) Charge it fully while it is off.
3) Let it discharge completely again.
4) Charge it fully.

It seems silly but it does work, My battery life has improved so much since doing this silly thing.

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Sunday, April 26th, 2009 Reviews 1 Comment

I have An droid

I have been using/testing out the G1, based on google’s android coming from a hard core Nokia user it has been an very pleasant experience.

So far I must say I am enjoying it. The Google integration is flawless (What else did you expect). When loading the sim for the first time it asks you for a Google account a few seconds after authentication all your contacts calendar and emails are all synced down to the phone. The contact sync feature to me was the greatest since my old phone had gone to mobile heaven.

Their UI is by far one of the easiest to use and most intuitive. I have only tried out the Apple’s Iphone but so far the fact this phone as a qwerty keyboard makes it easier to use. This does take some getting used to I still feel I type faster on the standard 9 key mobile keypad then this smaller qwerty one.

Hopefully in the next while I will be able to check out their SDK and put together some sort of app. For now I guess I will have to just live with a super cool phone.

Word of note the the synchronization can kinda kill your battery life but all of this is easily turned off or configured to happen at a less frequent interval.

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 Reviews 9 Comments