Ubuntu Cat

First we had the Ubuntu Hour then Maia , crew and I went to out for more Ubuntu Hour and we found….

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Sunday, November 7th, 2010 Ubuntu 2 Comments

Stellenbosch Ubuntu Hour Report Back

A few days ago I mentioned Ubuntu Hour.Well we put some details and a pic on our wiki. All in all I think it was good start, I got to start my morning off with a decent cup of coffee that I didn’t have to make my self. Even though it was small I think we showed off Ubuntu well with T-Shirts, Stickers and 2 tables with 3 laptops powered by Ubuntu.

I know the timing isn’t great for work people (9am – 10am) so maybe we can think about switching it around or have another one at a pub after work for some beers? One of the main reasons for this time is the idea of starting something like this is to try make it fit into your routine not change your routine to fit it since this makes it easier to keep up with it in the long run.

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Friday, February 5th, 2010 Ubuntu Comments Off on Stellenbosch Ubuntu Hour Report Back