Mxit Attempt packaging

Mxit released their open platform a while ago as part of this platform they created an plug-in for libpurple the library that both Pidgin and Adium.

I am very pleased that the code is available as well as deb’s for my ubuntu machine. When running the deb it was presented with
MXit libPurple Plugin
MXit libPurple Plugin
(Converted from a rpm package by alien version 8.72.)

I was under the impression that debs were easier to create then rpm’s? Also why are they making rpm’s as their primary packaging and trying to convert to deb’s also I find it odd that they have had more downloads for the deb platform

  • MXit Pidgin Plugin v1.1.1 – Fedora 8/Red Hat (.rpm) (92.3 KiB, 364 hits)
  • MXit Pidgin Plugin v1.1.1 – Debian/Ubuntu (.deb) (91.1 KiB, 387 hits)
  • MXit libPurple Plugin v1.1.1 – Source Code (.tgz) (64.6 KiB, 446 hits)

Then again why are all those users downloading the source code? Is it because they don’t provide a 64bit arch package? Is it because they are removing the mxit promotional image at startup?

Who knows but I don’t really like to see my debs being created by Alien where there is a perfectly great Launchpad ppa’s Mxit.

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Thursday, May 14th, 2009 Ubuntu 6 Comments

Compiz Application Switcher Fix

I was having an issue with with compiz getting the application switcher to show the windows previews. using a [Radeon HD 2600 Series].

The windows were showing up but with a plain white mini window. Now I find it productive to have this plugin enabled as when you are tabbing through it often is quicking and faster to look at the mini color layout to decied if this is the window you are infact looking for.


To fix
Open up compiz settings manager.
go to Application Switcher plugin
Uncheck the MipMap option.


Hope this helps some one else out

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 Ubuntu 1 Comment

Weechat Short Cuts

I discovered the alias command a few days ago. This is great when you have more then 10 channels open. Weechat supports alt+# but you only have 10 of those.

The command for opening your 11th buffer is /buffer 11 but this is often longer to type then alt+0+f6. Easy way to make this shorter is to alias /buffer with /b.

/alias /b /buffer $*

This tells it to redirect all params to /buffer

the same can be done with /url for those of you using the urlgrab python plugin.

/alias /u /url $*

For further info on weechat commands.


Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 General Comments Off on Weechat Short Cuts

intrepid pre install

I have not installed the new Ubuntu version for many reasons. Firstly, the current version is a LTS version 8.04.1 and secondly I don’t have the bandwith to download it. 🙁

I have heard some mixed views about this much awaited release (which surprisingly made its release date.) Some of the GUI/GNOME has improved and some of the user interaction has gotten simpler, but others have just plain broken.

As for this release our local mirrors have been inundated over 4000 concurrent sessions. It just shows that the local community is ever growing. (I never knew it was this strong, and this does not include the majority of users which do not have a net connection and which would otherwise be capable of downloading an ISO).

I must say I like the idea of having a 6 month release cycle. The idea is great: always new and ever changing OSs. (Things to re-configure and change/fiddle with.) However I do feel that Ubuntu tries very hard to meet this deadline even when they really should not. They often release stuff prematurely and this worries me a little. This would be one reason why I do not use Ubuntu as a production server platform.

Tomorrow is the release party so I am hoping to get hold of a CD or two — then I might be able to install it…. Might even think about installing Kubuntu, but that is a big IF and maybe.

edit: Thanks to cocooncrash for the English advice

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Friday, October 31st, 2008 Ubuntu 5 Comments