Mxit Isn’t Android Friendly

Today I tried out the official Android Mxit client. I was very very disappointed. The inability to press the “back” button upsets me. This button is always referred to as back back and never exit. It is part of the Android spec.

The reasoning is simple they don’t want you to background the app?: Pressing the back button asks the user “Logout from MXit” with the options “no” and “logout” neither were what I wanted to do.

Fear not Android users there is a work around. Pressing the home button will background the activity and return you to your home screen.

Mxit please fix your back button. Thanks

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010 Mobile 5 Comments

Mxit Attempt packaging

Mxit released their open platform a while ago as part of this platform they created an plug-in for libpurple the library that both Pidgin and Adium.

I am very pleased that the code is available as well as deb’s for my ubuntu machine. When running the deb it was presented with
MXit libPurple Plugin
MXit libPurple Plugin
(Converted from a rpm package by alien version 8.72.)

I was under the impression that debs were easier to create then rpm’s? Also why are they making rpm’s as their primary packaging and trying to convert to deb’s also I find it odd that they have had more downloads for the deb platform

  • MXit Pidgin Plugin v1.1.1 – Fedora 8/Red Hat (.rpm) (92.3 KiB, 364 hits)
  • MXit Pidgin Plugin v1.1.1 – Debian/Ubuntu (.deb) (91.1 KiB, 387 hits)
  • MXit libPurple Plugin v1.1.1 – Source Code (.tgz) (64.6 KiB, 446 hits)

Then again why are all those users downloading the source code? Is it because they don’t provide a 64bit arch package? Is it because they are removing the mxit promotional image at startup?

Who knows but I don’t really like to see my debs being created by Alien where there is a perfectly great Launchpad ppa’s Mxit.

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Thursday, May 14th, 2009 Ubuntu 6 Comments