ZA Jammed Like Champions

Awhile ago I posted that Ubuntu-za and clug was planning a Jam. Well on Sunday it actually happened and +- 20 people showed up. I consider that to be pretty awesome.


  • Tumbleweed explained basic bug reporting, Debian packaging, translations and gave us a quick demo on building Hello.
  • Almost every one upgraded/reinstalled to Lucid some people even did both
  • Some one made a 3D render animation of Tux (I really need to find out what his name was and if we can get hold of it)
  • Mythbuntu crept into peoples boot screens. See LP bug A fix has since been released
  • Michiel started translating things into Afrikaans
  • I started using xmonad
  • Coke was drunk
  • Pizza’s were eaten (Thanks Clug)
  • Coffee was made (thanks tumbleweed+maia)
  • Milk was spilt
  • And nothing blew up

Some Pics

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Monday, March 29th, 2010 Ubuntu Comments Off on ZA Jammed Like Champions

Ubuntu-za-jhb Had a Cake

One of the members of the ubuntu-za inetpro asked his wife and daughter to bake a cake for the release party. I wasn’t at the release party but heard the turn out was far great then last year. So well done.


How awesome!

Since being included on the Ubuntu weekly news letter. I thought it was only fair to link directly to inetpro who’s Wife and Daughter made the cake.

bloemfontein also had a belated release party which nuvolari was so kinds as to organize. They also had a Ubuntu Cake!! Check out his site for pics.

This really was a battle of the cakes. Place your votes now. 🙂

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Thursday, April 30th, 2009 Ubuntu 6 Comments