Ubuntu Pc Badges For ZA

A while ago I read Free Ubuntu Stickers but sadly they weren’t on offer in South Africa and I am sure the import duties would be more expensive then getting them printed locally so I kinda gave up for a while.

Then a few weeks ago I got my Laptop. It came standard with Windows Vista Business (Is that bad link love?) any how I never relisised how annoying it was to have to look at that Vista badge thing right next to where my left hand is support to rest. I got fed up and phoned around about getting my own Powered by Ubuntu stickers printed. You can’t get 1 or 10 printed they wont even listen to you so I decided it would be a worth while adventure to get 1500 printed and share them amoung the Ubuntu-za community.

I don’t actually intend to charge for the stickers that I currently have had printed. If any one from South Africa would like to see what we can do about getting you one please put your name on the Pc Badges page

Please excuse the bad quality photos I am not a photographer and the light was bad (and my gimp skills are shocking)

Some of the stickers

And for those of you that want svg source this is based on some one elses Ubuntu Case Badges source but I can’t seem to find their blog post right now (I will update to include thanks when I find it).

Link found: They are based on these Thanks doctormo well actually since here is where the source is located.

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Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 Ubuntu 7 Comments